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Preserve the wedding day loveliness of your bridal gown for the next generation with our exclusive bridal gown cleaning and preservation service. After gentle cleaning, your gown is folded in tissue and placed in a keepsake memory chest for safekeeping. Preserving not only satin and lace, but a lifetime of memories.

Your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions. It is a symbol of an important event in your life and as such should be treated with special care. Whether you are borrowing it from a relative or buying it new, your gown deserves your attention both before the wedding and afterwards.

If the wedding gown of your dreams is a family gown that time has yellowed and stained, Carriage Cleaners can help. We specialize in restoring antique gowns to their true color without damage to the delicate fabrics.

Carriage Cleaners uses the safest, most effective methods ever developed for preservation and restoration of your wedding gown. Each gown is individually handled to provide the best care. We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process, which is all done by hand.


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A lifetime guarantee is one of the services that are offered by Carriage Cleaners.  With our exclusive Anti-Sugar Treatment, we can guarantee that your gown will never turn yellow or develop brown sugar stains.   Regular dry cleaning process does not remove these invisible sugar based stains that will turn brown over time.

Example of actual sugar stain. This gown was cleaned and preserved by another cleaner only 2 years earlier.


Caring and storing your gown is just as important after your gown is preserved. It is advisable to have your gown cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding to prevent any staining that may occur. Carriage Cleaners does do complete restoration of all gowns.

After getting your gown home, remove outer plastic bag that comes on the keepsake chest. This is only to protect the box during transportation. The keepsake box needs to breath.

Store your gown in a cool, dry place. It is not recommended that you store your gown in the basement or attic. Basement dampness could promote mildew and attic heat can promote yellowing of the fabric.

Preserving the quality of your wedding may be the finest gift you give yourself and a loved one for the next generation.


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Carriage Cleaners exclusive guarantee is made available to those who care about preserving their memory for a lifetime.

Sugar stains will caramelize and turn brown after time, the same thing that happens when you heat up sugar!  Sugar based stains are a result from a soda, white wine or even cake frosting that contains sugar.  The regular dry cleaning process will not remove all these stains and they appear invisible until later.

Carriage Cleaners can safely remove and guarantee these stains from ever appearing at a later date, with our special process that will remove all of these invisible stains.

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Carriage Cleaners Lifetime Guarantee Seal of Completion

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